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  • HTML Canvas
  • SVG Generator
  • MathML
  • MathML
  • HTML editing
  • HTML media
  • Server-Sent Event
  • HTML graphics
  • Web SQL Database
  • WebSockets
  • JavaScript HTML extensions

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What is HTML? Why it is a Globally Accepted Programming Language?

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the most widely accepted programming language.

The first thing to remember about HTML is that it is an accumulation of symbols and codes. This is why this important language supports web page construction.

Besides global business houses, corporate organizations use the HTML programming language to make their website compelling and out-of-the-ordinary.

At JustXpert, our HTML project help includes writing structured documents for text like:

  • Lists
  • Quote
  • Headings
  • Tables
  • Images
  • Links
  • Videos
  • Paragraphs

In simple words, HTML is a collection of code that is rooted in plain text. This makes it more compelling than usual.

As a promising programming student, do you know what an interactive website page usually has?

HTML and CSS homework help professionals at JustXpert state that an interactive web page has the following components:

  1. Header
  2. Footer
  3. Sidebar
  4. Navigation bar
  5. Main Content

Add to it, HTML can also be inserted in images, videos, audio, text, etc. of a web page.

Furthermore, with the help of HTML, you can move from one web page to another inside a website.

Note: JavaScript and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) are the two crucial aspects that require HTML to enhance the performance of a web page.

Understanding Tags, Elements, and Attributes with HTML Homework Help

HTML is a widely accepted language that can create a custom outlook.

However, to make use of the programming language, you need to understand HTML Tags, Elements, and Attributes.

Here is a brief overview of HTML Tags, Elements, and Attributes that are needed to create the custom outlook.

HTML Assignment Assistance with Tags

Many tags are used to create web pages that load in a browser. As per HTML and CSS homework help providers of JustXpert, it is crucial to mark the different elements in a document.

Consequently, it will display the document on the web together with HTML tags.

HTML tags and document structure are easily noted by the browser that uses tags. This contributes to making the right decision to present the document.

As per our HTML project help experts at JustXpert, HTML is an extensively used markup language.  It uses different tags to edit and format the content.

Add to its credentials, HTML tags always have enclosed angle braces. Almost every tag that is used in HTML has a subsequent ending tag.

For instance, <html> is used in starting tag and <html,> is used while ending it.

Note: Before initiating coding in HTML, it is necessary to familiarize the different tags. Some of the tags include heading tags, line break tags, paragraph tags, etc.

HTML Assignment Assistance with Elements

As per HTML project help experts at JustXperts, Elements in this programming language are defined by tags.

HTML Elements usually have a starting and an ending tag. Along with this, HTML also has void elements that lack closing tags.

For instance, <br/>.

HTML Elements define how the documents should be made. They also specify the type of content to be placed in an HTML document.

HTML Assignment help with Attributes

To begin with, HTML Attributes act as a modifier of HTML Element type.

An HTML attribute states the element character and is mostly put inside the opening tag of an HTML element.

HTML attribute includes name and value. It helps in specifying the different additional properties to the existing HTML element.

HTML Homework Help for Various HTML Topics

We, at JustXpert, call ourselves a one-stop destination for HTML project help.

Here are our reasons for it:

  • Our developers never skip the coding standards
  • We are champions in organizing the code
  • We take pride in fixing bugs
  • Implement the best designs
  • We are experts in writing the code
  • We enhance the code and learn new techniques

Check out the list of topics where our HTML and CSS homework experts at JustXpert work with commitment and focus:

Developing Frames in HTML

HTML frame helps to divide the browser into many sections. Each of these sections can load a separate HTML document. This requires the expertise of a seasoned developer to build HTML frames.

HTML Assignment Help to create Form pages

Forms are the most important and complicated part of a website. For students, it is a tough job to create form pages and that is why they seek HTML help online.

Using Correct Color in HTML pages

To code correct colors using HTML requires consistent practice and is a daunting task for students. Therefore, students seek HTML online help to complete such assignments.

HTML Assignment Help to Create Email Newsletters

It comes as NO surprise that often students lack the coding skills to develop email newsletters. Email newsletters help users to read text on desktops, tablets, phones, etc. To complete the given assignment, students seek HTML and CSS homework help online.

Creating Links in HTML

Link building is a crucial role in website management. Even experienced developers go wrong in creating and tagging the right links. This is why students often avail the assistance of our skilled programmers.

Looking for HTML Assignment Help for Coding

JustXpert is not just any regular HTML help online service provider, we walk a different path.

We assist with advanced website development coding which may need server-side knowledge along with JavaScript and HTML.

Our Team help students with HTML code with our expertise in technologies like:


  • Bootstrap
  • Google Material UI
  • Angular JS
  • Ant Design
  • JQuery
  • Foundation
  • React JS
  • Vue JS


  • Java Servlets and Spring Boot
  • Ajax
  • PHP
  • Node JS, and Express JS
  • Ruby & Rails
  • .Net
  • Python and Django


  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Mongo DB
  • Sybase
  • PostgreSQL

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From coding necessary tags and attributes to elements, our experts also add the required JavaScript.

  • Adding the right images

We never miss the alt image tag according to the HTML standard. We also ensure that the code is optimized as the standard.

  • Free revisions

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FAQs for HTML Assignment Help

Q1: Are HTM and HTML the same?

Ans: HTM and HTML are the same things.  It depends on the personal preference of how you wish to name the file.

Q2: How HTML files are edited?

Ans: Using a simple text editor HTML files can be edited. You can use text editors like Sublime or Visual Studio Code.

Well, you can hire JustXpert for other homework services like PHP Assignment Help, Math Homework Help, and all kind of Programming Homework Help Services.